Tips for Photographers & Videographers

Nantucket PhotographersOne of the most important aspects of your wedding is hiring a professional Nantucket photographer and/or videographer to capture your special day.  Your wedding will go by so fast, and it is great to have those images and memories to look back on.  Finding the right wedding photographer and videographer for you is going to take a little bit of research.

First, determine the style of photography you are looking for, traditional, fine art or photojournalistic.  Traditional photographers will follow a shot list and pose their subjects to get a perfect photo.  Fine art photographers usually work in black and white and don’t follow a shot list, preferring to capture candids.  A photojournalist’s goal is to tell a story.  Often you can find a photographer who is a blend of two styles.

Ask your family, friends, and co-workers for some recommendations.  When you contact a potential photographer or videographer, set up an interview and ask to see a portfolio of a full wedding to get the entire scope of the event.  Often a website will only show the very best photographs from the day.  Below are some questions that the Better Business Bureau suggests you ask when you meet with a potential photographer/videographer:

  • Ask the photographer if he/she is the one who will be photographing your wedding. If so, that should be stated in the contract. If not, request to meet personally with the photographer who will be shooting your wedding and review photos from several events before making a decision.
  •  The price should not be the only determining factor, but you should know what fees you will be charged for what services.
  • Does the photographer work with an assistant? If so, is that included in the fee?  A wedding of 200+ usually requires two photographers.
  • Ask for references and talk to previous clients. A photographer who is reluctant to provide references is of questionable quality.
  • Is the photo package fixed or customized? How many photos are included and what about reprints, enlargements and albums?
  • What is the time frame for delivery of proofs and other products? Is there a Web site to view your images? Can you keep the proofs or negatives?
  •  What type and how many cameras will be used? Is color and black-white photography included?
  • What is the payment schedule? Is a deposit required; if so, how much and by when?
  • What types of photographs can you expect – formal, informal or spur-of-the-moment?
  • Does the photographer know the policy of your church, synagogue or other institution; some have very specific rules regarding photography.

Obtain a written contract that details every service to be provided and the name of the photographer who will shoot your event; the location, date and time length of all events; the type of package; a list of guaranteed prices for enlargements and any additional charges, like taxes or travel fees. The contract should also specify what happens if your photographer doesn’t show up, as well as the cancellation/refund policy.

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