Tips for Invitations

Nantucket Wedding InvitationsInvitations are the first glimpse of your wedding for guests and the stationary should reflect the colors and style of the event you are having.  Invitations can range from elegant and embossed to casual and homemade.  Determine your guest list and your budget for invitations before deciding on your options.  From here you can head to the stationer, shop online, or design and print your own.

Wedding invitations are usually sent 6-8 weeks in advance, but in the case of a destination like Nantucket it might be best to send them a bit earlier.  If you are having your wedding during the peak Nantucket tourist and wedding season, a save-the-date card mailed to your guests 6-8 months in advance is also a good idea.  This gives people plenty of time to make inn or hotel reservations and figure out the boat and plane schedules before things book up.

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