How did your sweetheart pop the question?

• By Tami Stein •

Let me just start by saying that I am a planner.   Not by profession, but by nature.

I met my future husband, Josh, in March of 2002 and by May of that year I knew he was the one…so I planned the wedding.  The only problem was that he had no idea we were getting married (you know men, everything takes time to sink in).  So, every day, just to give him a hint, I would ask, “Are we getting engaged today?”  He would respond, “No, honey.  Not today.”  Or sometimes he’d spice it up a bit with “No, honey.  Not today.  And you’re annoying.”   So I would respond with something like, “Well then I am NOT straightening my hair today.”  As if that was a threat (as if he even cared or knew the difference).

I organized a long-weekend getaway to our favorite island for Memorial Day of 2003.  Keep in mind, this is one whole year since I’d already called the caterer and booked Labor Day 2004 for our big nuptials.  We planned a Nantucket mini-vacation with our good friends and booked two relatively inexpensive rooms at The Roberts House Inn…figuring we’d be out and about all weekend and the smallest, third floor rooms with a shared bathroom would just be a place to drop our stuff and go.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the whole weekend was “rain, heavy at times.”  Perfect.  Not part of the plan.

We got off the Steamship Authority Fast Ferry (I think it was called “the Flying Cloud” at the time which was ironic because my mood was anything but “in the clouds” given the predicted downpours).   I walked up Broad Street, my little rolling suitcase in tow, staggering to keep the wheels aligned on the uneven sidewalks.  I was ranting about how disappointed (that’s generous, I was mad) I was that we were going to end up inside all weekend in our closet-sized room, longing for oxygen.  We got to the front desk and the lovely caretaker of the inn said, “We have reserved a deluxe room for you on the first floor, let me get the key.”  I whipped around to squint at Josh and motioned to him to keep quiet—as clearly a mistake had been made.

When we got to the room, I opened the door to find rose petals on the bed, champagne and glasses on the dresser, and a beautiful floral arrangement on the table.  As the words, “Wow, they take hospitality seriously here” came out of my mouth, I turned around to see Josh on one knee with a ring box in his right hand.  I have no idea what he said because I immediately started jumping and screaming (loud, I might add)!  He finished what I assume was a proposal, put the ring on my finger, and hugged me—or shall I say stabilized me (all the jumping and screaming combined with crying made me a little unsteady).

As it turns out, Josh had called to upgrade the room, order the flowers, and arrange the champagne months in advance.  Good thing the innkeeper was “in the loop” as she might have thought he was bludgeoning me to death from the sounds of the screaming.  As we proceeded to celebrate and call all our loved ones, we joyfully announced our engagement and I told everyone to “save the date.”  That’s right, September 5th, 2004 had already been planned and finally, the groom was on board!!!  It was a memorable day and a wonderful, rainy weekend in Nantucket…it couldn’t have been better if I had planned it myself!