Sarah & Brett

• by Sarah McNamara •

When it happened

Monday, August 19, 2013

How we got engaged

For our two year anniversary we had plans to go to 40th Pole to watch the sunset and then to the ‘Sconset Cafe for dinner.  We thought it was fitting to go to 40th where we originally met to start off the evening, and then to a place neither of us had been to before to celebrate.

It ended up turning into an overcast day but we went out to the beach anyway to search for seaglass, one of my favorite things to do. We walked up the dunes and onto the beach, and set up our chairs along the water’s edge. I had made a photobook for Brett of our past two years together, so he unwrapped that and we looked through it. He was paging through the book rather quickly, much to my disappointment. When he closed the book he suggested we try to find some seaglass.

We started walking and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Brett was hanging back quite a bit. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, why wasn’t he walking with me? He said my name and I turned around and there he was, down on one knee. I immediately started crying as he told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  It was one of those moments that you’ve always dreamed about, and here it was, actually happening! I said, yes, of course! I was so surprised and incredibly happy!

sarah-proposalWe went back to our chairs and he told me the story of how he got the ring. He asked James, a good friend he grew up with and a talented jeweler in Holyoke, to design it. He then snuck off island one day while I was at work, saying he was going to the beach with his friends. He flew off island, drove all the way up to Holyoke, met with James and got the ring, had lunch with his parents, drove all the way back, and flew back to the island without me knowing. It is just beautiful, and it means so much more to me the thought that went into it and that it was designed and crafted by an artist.

We continued the evening at the ‘Sconset Café, where we ate a delicious meal and toasted with Champagne. It was an absolutely perfect evening.

When I got home from work the next day, Brett had another surprise for me. He had our friend Mike hide in the dunes to capture the proposal. He took the photo and had it framed on the counter top waiting for me when I got home. It is such an amazing memento of that special day, and we are so grateful to Mike for having the patience to photograph that moment.