A Nantucket Proposal

• by Jackie Harvey •

Kevin and I were scheduled for an early afternoon ferry to the island, but work kept me later than expected.  Not thinking much of it, I asked if he would mind changing our reservations for the evening ferry instead.  My normally easy going boyfriend had never been more visibly upset at a change of plan.

We boarded the high speed and were told that the ferry would take longer than usual due to extremely choppy waters.  It poured rain the entire trip, and we were drenched from the moment we set foot on the island. Completely soaked, we walked the two blocks to our bed-and-breakfast.

The rain stopped as soon as we put our bags down, so we went for a walk. Realizing that it was late and the sun was already mostly set, Kevin insisted that we hurry (run) to the beach.  We made it to the Brant Point Lighthouse just before the sun went down, and Kevin nervously pulled out a ring!  I instantly realized what all the commotion over the trip had been, agreed without hesitation to marry him, and he revealed that he had elaborate plans for the rest of our weekend on the island.  We spent the entire trip enjoying the engagement, and decided until Monday to wait to tell family and friends.