Shopping & Shopping Parties

Have fun with you guests or bridesmaids during your Nantucket Wedding days with a shopping trip on Nantucket, home of some of the finest shops.

Peter Beaton

Our Coastal Classics Collection celebrates classic, down-to-earth, coastal living for men and women. The store is brimming with their classic hats, sailor shirts in every color, recycled sail bags, rope bracelets, Nantucket burgees, wellington boots and umbrellas, and much more.

508.228.8456 • 16.5 Federal Street

    Blue Beetle

    Visit our shop to see our popular Nantucket Charm beads, handmade, sterling silver; compatible with Pandora bracelets. Also featuring other great Nantucket items; hand painted ornaments, frames and cufflinks. For monograms, our cut-out necklaces, iPad and cell phone cases are wildly popular. The perfect party for your wedding party. Read Article

    508.228.3227 • 12 Main Street


      Clay Twombly Prayer Beads & Intentional Jewelry

      Clay TwomblyA wedding on Nantucket can be a magical experience, full of festivities. If you are visiting Nantucket for a wedding, make sure to take some time to balance the celebrations with a quiet walk on the beach, or walk the Sconset bluff, or take a yoga class from one of the many wonderful teachers on the island. Slowing down for even just a few moments can add an extra special memory of your time on this beloved island.

      2 Union Street - Upstairs • 508.332.3407