Maggie & Jon – Engaged on Nantucket

• by Maggie Connors •

For the last few weeks, Jon had been acting completely bonkers about what was on the calendar for the weekend of December 5th.

Originally he had scheduled a ‘squash tournament’ somewhere out of town and requested that I join him. Sure, not a problem. Be happy to. But then he made a very unusual misstep and double booked himself at yet another squash tournament (yes, he is obsessed with squash.) I happened to be the one to notice this and called him out. He quickly back peddled, but something was fishy. Mr. Man-With-A-Plan never double books.

When I would bug him on what this mysterious ‘squash tournament’ trip was all about he would say, “we’re just going to be away,” or my personal favorite “stop asking questions!” Needless to say I was suspicious. With no concrete facts and not wanting to ruin anything, I suppressed my curiosity and tried to be a patient as I could. Which, for me, is virtually impossible. But I did my best and when people asked what I was doing for the weekend, I confidently replied ‘squash tournament’ and just smiled. (Yeah, right!)

The December 5th weekend was then fast approaching. It was late Thursday night in NYC and Jon and I were at Nobu. Yes, Nobu. Entirely out of character for us (as our version of a great night out is a night in, in our PJs) but his BofA desk was … well … a bit stressed … and a blow-off-steam-after-work-cocktails led to a ridiculous, but amazingly delicious, dinner at Nobu. Having had many drinks and being a tad on edge about what the big weekend had in store (or not!) … I just about jumped out of my skin when Blake Lively – yes, Serena Van-Der-Woodsen – from my adored Gossip Girl walked in and was seated next to us. I was totally freaking out. Then, exactly as if we were on set of GG, in walks Dan Humphrey to meet her- I was ecstatic. I wanted to tell Jon but the famed couple was in earshot, so I did the next best thing and emailed him while sitting right next to him. I typed and nudged him incessantly to check his blackberry. This star sighting was making my week.

Well, the Gossip Girl sighting’s reign as #1 was quickly dethroned. Jon wrote me back, entirely ignored my teenage girlish swooning over the celebrities, and wrote “so … want to go to ACK tomorrow?” I don’t think I even skipped a beat before basically jumping on top of him, giving him the most gargantuan hug and kiss ever, all the while, screaming ‘No Way! NO WAY!” I was suspicious of this silly ‘squash tournament’ weekend and couldn’t have been happier that we were actually going to Nantucket! My own heaven on earth. I made such a scene, I am pretty sure Serena and Dan were looking at us and wondering ‘what are THEY all about?’

And so the next 12 hours were spent with me running around the apartment in a total tizzy, packing, repacking, and packing again – so geeked up I could not decide what to wear – but by the afternoon we were on our way to my beloved, little magical island for Christmas Stroll. I was happy beyond words.

A quick chartered flight with our new friend ‘Pilot Bob Walsh’ (said in a deep, very serious voice) and we were on-island. The glimmering lights from the island as we flew overhead equaled the number of butterflies I had in my stomach. I was so excited. My dear girlfriends Jen and Larissa, who had arrived to Stroll days before, picked us up at the airport and into town we went. Time to Stroll! The initial thought was to head right to Straight Wharf to meet Jen’s husband, Andy, at the ferry. He was arriving in just a few minutes. But as we got closer, we realized that our B&B, the Union street Inn, was close by. So, Jon and I quickly jumped out grabbed our bags and headed to check in – without really making a concrete plan as to where to meet the group once we were settled. In my head, we were in and out in less than five minutes – it’s time to get to a few drinks! But little did I know there was an entirely different scenario in store.

We stepped into the beautiful, warm, inviting and cozy inn and met Ryan, the manager. He showed us around , then to our room. The inn was prefect. Perfectly decorated, comfortable and all dressed in Christmas decor. I was taking it all in, but my only concern at that moment was getting back down to meet everyone. “Let’s get going” I said to Jon. He didn’t looked phased that our friends might be waiting in the bitter cold for us, as he wandered aimlessly around the room with a sheepish grin on. “C’ mon – let’s go!”, I pleaded as I put my hat and gloves back on stepped towards the door. “Wait …” Jon said as he started fumbling with his big blue NYAC duffel. “I have something for you … I went to Bobert”! he said. (Bobert being the nickname we gave his jeweler a bit ago.) My mouth dropped. I was frozen. My eyes became as wide as pancakes. Could he be really doing this? Is this what I think it is? Could he be really doing this RIGHT NOW?? I had a snow hat on! No makeup! My nose was running! OH MY GOODNESS! He pulled out a navy ring box. As I stood there babbling, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”, he walked towards me. In one gracefully clumsy hop, he snapped open the box. “HERE!!!”, he exclaimed with the Biggest, Sweetest smile I had ever, ever seen on him. He was very proud. His eyes were sparkling, he sort of jostled back and forth from foot to foot and presented me with the most Gorgeous, Brilliant, Sparkling diamond ring I had ever seen. I felt like I was in the movie version of my very own life. We just giggled and giggled and grabbed on to each other “Will you marry me??!”, he asked as he kissed me. In my head I said “YES! YES!” but I was too busy kissing him. I quickly stopped to say “YES!” out loud and we continued to just laugh and hug. I could not believe it was happening. So much so, that I asked him to ask me one more time, as I could have sworn I was dreaming it all!

But, it is all true. It is all real. I was not dreaming any of this. My dream of Jon, our love and our life and laughter together has come true. We’re Getting Married!!!