The Engagement and Wedding of Kasey & Adam Dread

• by Adam Dread •

I’ve been coming to the island for over 25 years. You may have read on of my “You’ve Obviously Spent Time on Nantucket If…” books or seen me do stand-up at The Muse in the ’80s. A sworn bachelor, at the tender young age of 43, I finally met my match. My new girlfriend, Kasey, had been coming to the island for years as well. As a City Councilman and attorney, I have married and divorced more people than I can remember.

In early July of 2006, after dating for almost three months, I invited Kasey up for a week. We had kidded about getting married since we met. One day, after lunch at the Faregrounds, I bought her a gaudy, flashy fake diamond ring at Allan Bell’s Island Variety.

On the night of July 5th, like most nights, we were over served. Around midnight, after several Triple 8’s at the casa and a few “Milkshakes” at the Bamboo, we wandered over to The Box, with music blaring, at midnight. I dropped to one knee and popped the questions. (Thanks Triple 8!) She said “yes”, but thought I was kidding.

The next morning, I woke her up and asked her if she “was ready to get married?” I think she still doubted my seriousness. I said “it’s cloudy, what else can we do do today?” She agreed. So I called my old friend Lori Cory, the island’s top wedding planner, and asked her for advice. She sent us down to the town clerk’s office for a marriage license. There we met Catherine Stover, who ended up performing our service as well. We had our great friend, Chef Freddy Brooker (of Shop At Home fame) with us. I’ll never forget the clerk’s question when I told her I was there for a marriage license. She said, “Great, which two of you are getting married?” I forgot … we were in Massachusetts … could have been any two of us … literally.

We explained that we wanted to get married that day. Plans were made to meet at Steps beach at 5 PM. Then, in a whirlwind, we went to Murray’s and purchased matching madras(me shorts and the bride a skirt), visited Sam at the Nobby Shop for matching pink logo polo shirts, bought wedding bands at S.J. Patten’s, and topped it off with a blue hydrangea bouquet from the flower truck on Main Street. The rest of the day we visited many establishments and proceed be over served.

Around 4:45 we arrived at steps, and heading down the beach to our favorite dune. The total 11 folks and 2 dogs witnessed the event, including one crasher (Jeff Johnson, of course, in full kilt!) Shannon Haddon brought Veuve Cliquot, which we drank during the ceremony … oops. Chef Freddy “gave her” her to me. Catherine Stover did a lovely job, and just 17 hours from popping the question we were husband and wife, at our favorite beach, with our favorite friends. The wedding party then converged on Cinco for a fabulous reception/dinner. Later, Dread & Company headed over to Pudley’s and kept the festivities going. We celebrated for the next week with all our island friends.

News traveled fast. within hours our marriage was announced on the televised Nashville Metro Council meeting (that I was skipping.) The next day, on Page 3 of The Tennessean, in the celebrity news, we were right under a tim McGraw/Faith Hill story. The best announcement came in the Nashville Scene political column, whose headline read, “No Pre-Nup folks.” People joked about the “over-under” bet on how long the marriage would last. We’ve now been married for over two years. all bets are off. Now, every year, on our anniversary, we start out with a walk to the dune, and dinner with Michael Sturgis at Cinco, and a least one bottle of Verve Cliquot … usually more. Some things never change.