Engaged at Brant Point!

Nantucket Engagement | Nantucket, MAJon and I grew up together in Pocasset on Cape Cod. We have been sailing together since 2002 and I have pretty much been in love with him ever since. We have been living in Boston for the last 4 years and last year were fortunate enough to buy our own sailboat. We love spending time on Nantucket throughout the year and have enjoyed many years of Figawi.

My parents have been sailing the Figawi for over 12 years so it has always been a special weekend in our family. However, this year’s Figawi was a HUGE first. We decided that this year we would take the plunge and sail the Figawi in our 30 foot Catalina, the one and only, Destiny. What better way to spend Jon’s birthday weekend? We had a motley crew of siblings and friends. We sailed the race and had an amazing time. We danced in the tent, had Cisco beers at The Brotherhood, enjoyed the scenery from the Gazebo and had fun sleeping on a 30 foot boat with 7 people! Sunday morning of Figawi weekend was Jon’s birthday so I suggested we go for a walk to Brant Point before the joke tent festivities so we had some time to enjoy our coffees and get some exercise. I gabbed Jon’s ears off on the walk out to the lighthouse, pointing out beautiful homes and talking about how much fun “his birthday weekend” had been. When we finally reached the beach we strolled along and watched the boats coming in the channel. Suddenly Jon bent down to put his coffee cup in the sand. He then bent down on one knee and told me that he couldn’t imagine having a more amazing life and then asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!! I started yelling and screaming and telling him that I couldn’t believe he proposed on his own birthday and finally he had to stop all my blabbering and ask, “Meg, is that a yes?” And I screamed “Yes, of course!”

The most amazing part of the proposal was that my entire family was on the island with us. Jon and I walked back from Brant Point, me still in shock, and were able to announce the news to all our family and friends! The only person who knew was my Dad and he had kept the secret. Nantucket has been a magical place for us for so many years but now I get to sail past Brant Point forever and remember the amazing day we got engaged!

Meghan Kelly, Bride
Jon MacNally, Groom
Wedding Date: August 2015

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